How can you create a poster easily and ideally for free? What are the principles to follow when creating a poster? Let's take a look at a comparison of the most famous tools.

Comparison of online poster creation tools

A different online poster creation tool may suit each of us. I have tried several online tools for creating posters and other promotional materials, but I certainly don't know them all. So feel free to email me with tips on others so I can add them to the comparison.

Jak vytvořit plakát v Canva
Canva- online poster creation tool


Canva is an online tool for creating printed materials and other promotional materials. The online tool is to some extent free. You can print your creations directly through Canva. However, even if you don't print your materials directly through Canva, you can download the designs (which are from free templates) for free with crop marks. So you can use Canva to create a poster for free and download the resulting poster for free as well. Canva doesn't even require registration to create and download the poster itself.

Jak vyrobit plakát v Crello
Online tool Crello

Crello now VistaCreate

  • Free: Yes up to the limit
  • Registration: required
  • Overall rating: 98%
  • Link:

Crello is an online tool for creating promotional materials, not only printed materials such as posters. With Crello you can also create beautiful posts for Facebook or Instagram. You can also create a brochure or a promotional video suitable for social networks. You can try Crello for free without registration. However, if you want to download and use your creation, you have to register. Downloading your creations is only free up to a certain number per month. 


  • Free: Yes up to the limit
  • Registration: required
  • Overall rating: 82%
  • Link:

With Mediamodifier you can download unlimited amounts of your creations from templates that are free after registration. However, there are not many free poster templates on Mediamodifier.

How to make a great poster

Posters are an excellent marketing tool that you can use to promote events, fundraising, sales, business and other activities, including of course films. However, it's not enough to open one of the programs like Canva or VistaCreate and fill a blank page with text and images. First and foremost, the poster must attract attention, so it should meet certain requirements. So how do you create such a poster?

Determine the goal of the poster and the audience it is intended for

Whether you are creating a poster to promote an event or your business, you should be clear about who you want to reach with the poster. This should, of course, be reflected in the means of expression you use. You will use a different style if you are creating a poster for a class reunion and a different style if you are organising a charity event.

Where will your poster be placed?

Will you print your poster and hang it on the wall? Or will you just share it with your audience on social media? Before you start designing your poster, it's important to decide where you want it to be presented.  Properly optimizing a poster for print is a little different than for Twitter or Facebook. If you want your poster to look really good on social media, size it to the specific platform you'll be promoting it on. You may want to create several different versions of your poster for different platforms. If you anticipate people viewing your poster on mobile phones, choose a portrait orientation.

The following formats are suitable for each social network:

Facebook: 1200 x 628 px or 1200 x 1200 px
Twitter: 1024 x 512 px, 1080 x 1080 px or 1080 x 1350 px. 
Don't forget the punchy call to action

The goal of the poster should be to get someone to take action, meaning that the poster should not lack a call to action, such as "Register", "Order by Number", written prominently enough for the viewer to notice it first.